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Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you service?

We deliver and install throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California.  Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to the Owyhee Reservation at this time.

Can I order a building and install it myself?

Absolutely, you can install our building yourself.  But remember, we do not charge for delivery or installation on your level land. You can pick up the materials or we can deliver the materials for those customers who would prefer DIY projects. We provide a printable installation manual at no charge. (The installation manual is only for standard buildings)

How long before you contact me to schedule for delivery?

We contact all customers a week prior to installation.

Do I need a permit for my building?

The customer(s) is responsible for any permit(s) that are required in the area. The best place to find out if a permit is required would be at your local county and/or city building department.

How long will it take for the carport to be completely assembled and installed?

Most of our products are assembled in a day. In some cases, it may take two days depending upon the size of the building.

Where is the best location for my building?

The key to a successful installation of any of our products is to make sure that our product is installed on a leveled, square surface. We do not perform any site preparation.