Our History

Matt grew up in a small farming town in Minnesota and Rachel grew up in the huge city of Tucson AZ. While serving in the military, they traveled the United States and blended Matt's practical objectiveness with Rachel’s aesthetic eye to develop an appreciation for quality home products. When they moved to Mountain Home ID, they fell in love with the small town and the people.

Observing the attitudes of their neighbors, they realized many were not satisfied with low-quality outdoor products typically sold in the Treasure Valley. They decided to take a chance and open a business to provide outdoor products which would last a lifetime as well as meet every family's unique needs.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Matt and Rachel sit down and discuss with every customer their outdoor recreational and storage needs and find solutions which fit their budget. Our goal is to see people leave our business happy, not broke with needless options. We look forward to seeing our customers around town and enjoy receiving the feedback offered by all.