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Backyard Adventures Peak Series


The Peak Series is loaded with some of our most popular accessories and is designed to adjust for relatively un-level yards.  Peak playsets are constructed for parents and childrent to play together.

The Backyard Adventures Peak Series was created by taking the best of all of our previous angled leg units and combing those features into the Peak.  The larger 6' x 6' deck size is huge and the taller head room makes this a perfect play set for you and your children.  You'll be amazed how much room you'll have while playing in one of our Peak forts.  In Idaho, the Peak series is popular with dads and children for sleeping outside on warm summer nights.

The Peak series comes standard with our most popular climging options: rock wall, chain ladder/flat step ladder combo, and accessory arm with rope ladder.  You also get a tire swivel swing and an accessory arm with trapeze bar with every Peak unit.  Your Idaho dealer will help you customize your unique design with swing beams, slides, monkey bars and lofts!

When you compare our Peak Series to other angled leg swing sets, its's easy to see the incredible value we've built into our Peak play sets.  No other similarly designed system will provide the same combination of play value, quality, reliability, and fun.

We've also incorporated our best engineering and highest quality materials into our Peak series.  We use 100% cedar for long-lasting durability and back every Peak play set with our Limited Life-time Warranty.  Our 4" x 6" angled leg construction system have been tested to be stonger than other angled beam playsystems.

A Peak play set is an investment in your child's future.  you'll see firsthand how your children become stronger, healthier, and happier as they play on a Backyard Adventures Peak Playground.  Ask us to help you create a custom Peak that will make lasting memories for you and your children!

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