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Tgoma Takes Fitness to a Whole New Level

Posted by Saskia Reyes on Jul 2, 2016 9:40:00 AM



Springfree Trampolines new TGOMA (Take Gaming Outside and Make It Active) system has plenty for kid’s to explore. But did you know it has a way for adults to get involved in outdoor play too?





Most doctors recommend the average adult get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity and with so many Americans finding it difficult to make time to get to the gym, the Springfree trampoline gives you the perfect workout tool right in your own backyard. With the TGOMA’s ten different workout exercises it’s easy to get your recommended exercise time in while having loads of fun! Workouts on the TGOMA are designed to help you get fit and tone your body, and are able to be tailored to each person’s ability.

So go ahead, jump on into fitness!



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