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What’s the Right Play Equipment for Your Child’s Age Group?

Posted by Idaho Outdoor Solutions on Sep 26, 2018 1:50:18 PM

toddler on slide with parent

Kids just want to have fun outside, but it’s important to ensure your play equipment matches their needs. Playsets that are too advanced can be dangerous, and equipment that doesn’t satisfy their curiosity and imagination is a waste of money and space. Fortunately, there are so many different options out there, which means you can find the very best set for your backyard adventurers.

We’ve got the scoop on the best structures and equipment for various age groups. Let’s dive in!

Tiny Tikes: Toddlers (under 2)

Toddlers are a little precarious, learning fine motor skills and getting the hang of walking, climbing, jumping, and so on. This is a time when advancement can happen fairly rapidly, so look for sets that can last a couple of years.

Swings are perfect at this age, and you can find sets that have baby seats in addition to small slides, ramps, a few stairs, or other features to play on.

Busy Bodies: Preschoolers (2-5)

As your kiddos start to feel steadier on their feet, they become natural explorers who want to get into and climb on everything. This is the perfect age group for a small playset, as it will promote activity and help them develop balance and flexibility.

Preschool-age appropriate equipment tends to look a lot like full-size equipment and have all the same fun features – slides, stairs, swings, and so forth – but they are smaller and safer for smaller kids.

Seasoned Adventurers: Elementary Schoolers (5 and up)

By the time kids reach elementary school, they have enough stability and awareness to play on the bigger equipment. However, the youngest of them still need a lot of supervision, as equipment for this age range is meant for children who are up to 12 years old or so (quite a bit bigger than 5-year-olds!). This stage brings full-size equipment, and there are plenty of possibilities.

No matter which age group your child is in, there’s a perfect playset out there for your whole family. For a full range of beautiful, functional, and safe sets, contact Idaho Outdoor Solutions!

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