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Why Every Child Needs Time to Play Outside

Posted by Idaho Outdoor Solutions on Aug 10, 2018 12:26:56 PM

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Many parents don’t realize that one of the simplest things they can do for their child to improve their health and chance of success is to make sure they spend lots of time playing outside. One of the most significant gaps in childhood experience from older generations to the younger generation is the time spent outdoors. Less and less, we are seeing entire families spend more time indoors because of electronic devices, an emphasis on scheduled activities that are indoors, concerns about the effects of sun exposure, lack of safe parks in the area, etc. But all of these things are hindering children from crucial elements in their growth that being outside provides them.

What Your Child is Missing by Not Playing Outside


Sorry, but having your child take vitamin D supplements is not enough. They need sunlight to absorb that crucial vitamin that plays a role in many body processes such as bone development to their immune system. It also helps improve sleep patterns and moods. Although there are risks from too much sun exposure, our bodies need a healthy amount of sunshine every day to function best.

Holistic Exercise

Think about the kind of exercise your child gets when they are on a play structure for a couple of hours a day. You’re encouraging them to get some cardio in, build muscle and stamina (something they really can’t get inside), and they have no idea it’s work because they have so much fun! Active play is the best exercise for children mentally and physically.

Improved Executive Function

Play structures are some of the best tools to encouraging executive function during unstructured time. Children learn to entertain themselves, problem-solve, multitask, prioritize, etc. They learn to function alone and to play with other children, many times making up their own games and adventures. A child’s imagination is incredible, and all you have to do as their parent is allow them a safe space for them to grow and expand it.

Are you searching for the right play structure for your child that encourages them to play outside more? Contact us and we’ll help you find just what you need for your child.

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