Pellet Stoves


Energy Efficient Heat

Among the many wood-burning stoves available, a pellet stove can be the easiest to operate.

  • Smoke-Free - pellet stoves don't produce smoke
  • Heat Safe - there's virtually no external heat during operation
  • Environmentally Friendly - wood pellets make use of forestry industries byproducts: shavings, sawdust, or other forest scraps
  • Cost Efficient - pellets stoves generally cost a fraction of what it takes to heat a home with electric heating solutions

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Pellet Stove model 4840
Maverick Pellet stove SP22i
Sonora Pellet Stove SP23
Sonora Pellet Stove SP23i
Big E Pellet Stove SP1000
Big E2 pellet stove SP1002
Tahoe Pellet Stove SP2000
Maverick Pellet stove SP22i
Pellet Stove model 5040
Pellet Stove model 5500M
Pellet Stove model 5520
Pellet Stove model 5660
GW194920 lifestyle pellet stove