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How the Wiseway Pellet Stove Operates

Posted by Mathew Heath Van Horn on Nov 13, 2015 12:50:25 PM

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Operation of the Wiseway Pellet Stove:

The Wiseway Pellet Stove is a very unique source of heating for your home, shop, or campsite.

  • No Electricity Needed to Operate - Still Produces Enough Heat for 2,000 ft2
  • No Augers, Fans, Motherboards, Sensors , or other Components to Break
  • Can Serve as a Hot Water Heater for a variety of Applications

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Let Gravity do all the Work:

Watch the Video to see the Wiseway Operate 


The Wiseway pellet stove is that easy to operate.  Unlike traditional pellet stoves, the Wiseway will work without power.  An important concern for folks living in Idaho.


If you want to see the Wiseway first hand, just come to our showroom on 510 Airbase Road.  We use the Wiseway to heat our offices.  Bob would enjoy demonstrating the Wiseway for you.

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 Idaho Outdoor Solutions Wiseway Pellet Stove

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