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Ultraskiff 360 can be rowed!

Posted by Mathew Heath Van Horn on Aug 15, 2016 5:30:08 PM

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A frequently asked question, "Can the Ultraskiff be rowed?"

We get asked this question quite often in Idaho.  Sadly, none of our staff are boaters, so it took a lot of research before giving this experiment a try.  We spent about $70 on components and hit the lake! 

Watch the video about using oars on the Ultraskiff 360.



As you can see the oars work fine for steering the boat.  Propelling the boat wouldn't be an issue either, but if you are going for speed records or long distances, I would recommend 8' oars or longer.


The Ultraskiff just got more versatile!  Having oars provides some benefits.  You do not have to register the boat in Idaho if you only use oar propulsion.  Furthermore, the boat is now ready for drifting in shallow waters where a trolling motor would get hung up.  Finally, oars may provide a means of racing some of the great rapids in Idaho!



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