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Used Wooden Sheds

Posted by Mathew Heath Van Horn on Aug 19, 2015 8:45:24 PM

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Life Happens:

Our customers suffer from life-changing events all the time.  Sometimes these events affect their ability to continue payments on their Old Hickory Shed.  When that happens, they usually notify us to return their shed.  Rarely, the customer refuses to pay and the lawyers take the shed back.  Either way, the bank labels the used shed as "REPO" and they need to get rid of it quick.

It is that time of year where our customers want to put their belongings under cover before the weather changes for the worse.  Sign up now for repo notifications.  WE HATE SPAM and only use this signup activity for Old Hickory Shed Repo notifications or sales.

Benefits of a Repo:

  • Cleaned and prepared for new owner
  • Same free delivery policy
  • Same great warranty
  • Save 5-20% off original purchase price

REPO sheds can still look great!

Repo sheds come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions.


Repossessed Wood Shed

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